Crucible Documents

Salem Court Documents

1. Starter -The Crucible is a famous play that makes bold statements about history repeating itself, the effects of mass hysteria, and problems caused by intolerance and extremism. Academic historian Margo Burnes argues that Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is not a historical document. There are plenty of differences between the book and actual reality in Salem, but writers do have artistic license. Burnes asks, “What happens when people only know history through creative works of art and not from primary sources and facts, letting someone else pick and choose between which facts to include and which to alter for their own artistic purposes and political arguments”? Respond to Burnes’s question in a developed paragraph.

2.  Select a partner. One of you must have a device to get online. Then, you and your partner go to the following site for court documents. Click here -  Select Search all names in the Salem Witchcraft Papers. Look for your assigned person. They are the person after the versus (vs.).

John Proctor                
Elizabeth Proctor                    
Sarah Good                 
Giles Corey                  
Mary Easty
Martha Corey
Rebecca Nurse          
Bridget Bishop            
George Burroughs         
Elizabeth How
George Jacobs, Sr.    
Susannah Martin                      
Martha Carrier             
John Willard
3.  Record the requested information on your incident report.  (You are looking at transcriptions of primary documents.  These documents are often difficult to understand because they are from a long time ago.) 

4. Look up differences between fact and fiction for The Crucible on the following website as well as others you mayfind:  In your day book, write at least five changes that were made to the actual history of the Salem Witch Trials in order to write The Crucible.

5. Write a paragraph voicing your opinion about the following topics as you think back to the starter about historical/literary works and the information you discovered from the website above. 

     A. Have you changed your original opinion as stated in the starter or not? Explain. 

     B. Has Arthur Miller done the history of the Salem Trials injustice by not accurately            
         reporting all the facts as they really were or has he enlightened the people of world
         about a situation they would not have otherwise known about even though some          
         changes were made? 

     C. Was the political statement he made worth the changes or not?


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