Print Research Facts

Print Facts Instructions for Research


Now that you have 50 facts, it is time to organize a bit.  Please follow the directions below precisely.  

1.  Copy your 50 facts into a Word document (do not include annotated bibliography) - FACTS only.


2.  Put several spaces between each fact so that when they are printed and cut apart, each fact will be on a piece of paper at least 3 inches wide.  This means if you have a paragraph of information for a fact, maybe space 3 times.  If you have a one line fact, space 6 times. 


3.  Copy the source and paste it above EACH fact.  Only copy the first part of the source to the period if it is a title.  If it has an author's name, only copy the last name.  


For instance, if your source is Oliart, Kyle, ed. "Effects of Cocaine on Human Body. "Health Guidance. Health Guidance, 2012. Web. 19 Sep 2012, then only put Oliart for the source.  


If your source is  "Get the Facts about Drugs and Alcohol." HanelyCenter. Hanely Center, 2012. Web. 19 Sep 2012, then copy "Get the Facts about Drugs and Alcohol" and paste above all facts that were from that source. 


4.  Print out facts.


5.  Cut them apart.  


6.  Place them in the envelope provided by your teacher.


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