Research Thesis

Time for Thesis 


1. Organize your facts into topic categories. Paperclip the facts and label the top fact with the topic of that entire stack.

 2. Create a question that begins with "How" or "Why" pertaining to your topic that can be answered with your facts.  Put this in your day book.


Topic = horses

Question: How does one break horses and keep them healthy?

  3.  Now, answer the question in the form of a statement using some or all of your categories.  Write this in your day book.  This could take a few tries, and you may scratch out some things before developing a great statement. The end result IS your thesis.

 Example Thesis:  To successfully break a young colt and maintain its good health, a horse handler must use a variety of training techniques, employ great patience, utilize adequate equipment, and ensure a proper diet and lifestyle.

 Another example:  

Topic = restoring cars.  

Question:  How does one restore a car?

Thesis: To restore a classic car, one must focus on exterior body work, interior enhancements, and mechanical overhaul.

  4.  Submit your "how" or "why" question along with your thesis on a sheet of paper and hand it in to me.

 5.  Look through your facts and decide if there are any areas that are lacking. You need to fill any gaps in your facts by researching, printing, cutting, and organizing them because we will begin drafting the paper in class soon. 

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