Math I Syllabus

Math I




Teacher:  Robin Morton

Phone Number:  919-739-7070

E-mail Address:


Introduction:  This course focuses on the study of:


  • Equations & Introduction to Functions
  • Linear Functions
  • Systems of Equations & Inequalities
  • Exponential Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Statistics


  We will work to further develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  We will use a variety of methods to achieve these goals, including use of TI-83 plus graphing calculator.


Materials Required:  Students should come prepared to class everyday with a pencil,  notebook paper, binder, and any homework that was assigned.


Attendance:  Regular attendance is essential for success in this class.  If you miss a class, please see me as soon as you return in order to make up the work that was missed. 


Homework:  Homework is not graded for accuracy unless the students are informed in advance.  It is graded for completion.  Homework counts as 25% of your grade.  Each student receives 100 for homework at the beginning of each nine week period, and 5 points is deducted each time homework is not completed.  Students will have homework most nights to review the concepts learned that day.  Often, they will have a few minutes to get started on homework before leaving my class so that I am available to help them.  It is critical that you complete homework daily in order to be successful in this course.


Notebook Checks:  Notebook checks will be held periodically.  Students with all of their notes will receive a 100 test grade.  Points will be deducted for incomplete notebooks.



Grading:  Grading is based on weighted averages using the following percentages:


          Homework                                                    25%

          Test/Notebook Checks                                30%

          Quizzes                                                       25%

          Classwork                                                    20%


Late Work:  Students should make every effort to have assignments when due.  I will accept any graded work with a 10 point penalty for each day it is late.  No homework assignments will be accepted late since we go over it during class on the day it is due.   


Class Rules:

  • Show respect for yourself, classmates, and teachers.  Follow the “Golden Rule.”
  • Be prepared and on time.  Come with all required materials to class.  Please be in your seat and ready to work on time.  We have lots of exciting things to learn, and it helps if everyone is prepared and knows what is going on.
  • Follow all school rules.  Our school rules are in place to protect you and your classtime.  The time we spend together doing math is so important as it prepares you for many challenges to come.


Behavior:  Student behavior is necessary in order to promote a positive learning environment. 


Summary:  I am so excited about this school year!!!!!  I have a real love for MATH and hope that you will too.  I promise to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in this math class and beyond.  I just need your cooperation and positive attitude to make it happen.  Together we can make this a great year!!!!!

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