Biology Syllabus

Welcome to Biology!


Course Description:

            Through research and laboratory investigations students will study living organisms, specifically by gaining understanding in the cell make-up, heredity, energy cycles, and the interaction and behavior of organisms within living systems.



*The learner will develop an understanding of the physical, chemical, and cellular basis of life.

*The learner will develop an understanding of the continuity of life and the changes of organisms over time.

*The learner will develop an understanding of the unity and diversity of life.

*The learner will develop an understanding of ecological relationships among organisms.

*The learner will develop an understanding of the behavior of organisms, resulting from a combination of heredity and environment.


Materials Needed:

            #2 pencils

            pen (if desired) – blue or black ink only

            loose leaf binder

            Please bring your laptop to class everyday


Grading Procedure:

            60% TESTS

            30% Labs/Quizzes/Class work

            10% Homework


Late work: any assignment turned in late will result in ½ credit.

Grades are updated weekly and can be viewed in Powerschool.


Absences/Make-up work:

            It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher or a peer about any missed work. You get one day for every day absent to complete assignments.  If a missed assignment is not turned in, it will result in a zero.  Students are expected to make up missed tests in class the day they return to school.  No excuses.


Classroom Rules:

            *Follow all district and school rules

            *Enter the classroom prepared to work. Any assignments that are due must be printed out and ready to turn in before you walk in the door. If additional time is needed to turn in an assignment it will be considered late and results in an automatic ½ credit.

            *Respect others and their property

            *Follow all safety rules

            *Remain on task

            *Work area must be left clean, neat and dry

            *Lab reports are to be stapled together with your group. Labs will be graded as a group or individually depending on the lab assignment.

            ***Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO on any assignment for both parties involved. This includes copying someone else’s work and plagiarism.



            Homework is expected to be done each night:  if a written homework is not assigned, the student is expected to review notes, labs or any other class work completed.  When written homework is assigned it will be graded as follows:

            The student will start off each quarter with a 100% for their homework grade.  Each time an assignment is not turned in the day it is due or turned in incomplete, 5 points will be deducted off the average.


Parent/Teacher Contact:

            I will be glad to speak with you about any questions/concerns you may have.  I am available from 3:45-4:45.  Please feel free to drop by if you need any additional help.  My email is:


I am looking forward to working with you in our “adventure” through exploring Biology.  Work hard and enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with achieving your goals!



                                                                                                Mrs. Covar






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I fully understand the discipline policy as stated above.



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