Physical Science Syllabus

Physical Science

Instructor: Angela K Mozingo


Phone: 919-739-7070

Welcome to Physical Science. Physical Science draws from both the sciences of chemistry and physics. This means we will study matter, atoms, elements, motion, force and energy. Do not stress. The most important thing is to develop great study habits early and continue to use them. There will be multiple assessments in the class that include a Mid-term and Final Exam. 

Class Expectations

  1. Be Polite and Respectful to your peers, teachers and self.
  2. Be Prepared for class (assignments, binder, laptop, interactive notebook and supplies, paper, pen/pencil)
  3. Be on time!
  4. All school and board policies are enforced.



Required Everyday—1 1/2 inch binder with at least 5 dividers, LAPTOP,  pens, #2 pencils, loose-leaf paper, highlighters, color pencils.




Classwork, Quizzes, Independent Practice & Review Sheets, Labs and Projects—50% à Unit outlines and review sheets are assigned for every unit. They begin on the first day of the unit and due on test day. The Unit powerpoint notes will be emailed to you and other assignments and projects will be placed on BLENDSPACE.  Class time will not be given to complete them, it is your responsibility to complete it at home. If turned in late, you will 10 points from the grade you would have gotten will be deducted. Class time is for inquiry based learning, labs and group projects. Classwork/Lab work will need to be made-up if missed. Quizzes can be announced or unannounced which are based on notes, classwork, labs and other assignments.Labs are periodically given and graded based on work with peers and critical thinking skills. 

Tests & Projects—50% àTests are given at the end of a unit but are announced on the first day of the unit. There date can be moved based on conditions that are unforeseen.


Make-up Policy

Any missing classwork, quizzes, and or tests will need to be made up within five days of coming back to school. It is your responsibility to check with the teacher about missing work at an appropriate time (during journals, classwork, or at the end of class). Missed tests will be made up within 3 days of the test or when your return to the class. Test make-ups can be done after-school, during smart lunch, before school, and/or house (with your house teacher’s permission). Students can be assigned to Smart Lunch until all graded assignments are completed satisfactorily.


Final Exam: The final exam will be given to every student and graded according to the county policy.



There will be individual and group projects assigned throughout the semester. Some projects will be done in class and others are to be completed outside of the class. The teacher will decide how to complete the project and if any class time will be given to work on it. If it is late for any reason, there will be a five (5) point reduction of the grade each day it is late, excluding weekends and holidays.


Pacing Guide

1st nine weeks— Physics

2nd nine weeks— Chemistry

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