Work-Based Learning II Syllabus

Week 1:               How to Choose a “Best Fit” College/ College Comparison Sheet

Choosing a “Best Fit” college/university requires a little investigation!  What should you look for when making that important decision?

Week 2:               The Holland Code Assessment

It’s OK that you still have no clue what you want to be when you grow up!  Let’s take the Holland Code Assessment, graphing your results to get clearer focus.

Week 3:               Using the Holland Code to Investigate Careers

What career areas are best for you based on the results of the Holland Assessment?  Let’s take a look at a few careers in those areas.

Week 4:               Soft Skills Introduction

They say that more people are fired because of soft skills than technical skills.  What are soft skills and what do they look like in the workplace?

Week 5:               Soft Skills (Introductions and Small Talk)

Small talk can be intimidating.  Your future job may require you to meet and converse with new people.  How can you become comfortable in an unfamiliar setting?

Week 6:               Soft Skills (Etiquette)

Did your mom ever scold you for putting your elbows on the table or talking with your mouth full?  Today we take a look at the etiquette traditions we grew up with and learn how to make a good impression at social gatherings.

Week 7:               Soft Skills (Etiquette Continued)

                                Let’s review soft skills with a lively round of Family Feud: The Etiquette Edition

Week 8:               Soft Skills (Dress)

                                Your clothing choices reveal a lot about you.  What are you saying by the way you dress?

Week 9:               Soft Skills (Conflict Resolution)

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.  What can you do to avoid and de-escalate volatile situations with coworkers?

Week 10:             “Feedback:  The Breakfast of Champions” 

Have you ever wanted to know what others are thinking about you?  It can be a little unnerving to solicit feedback from your friends and teachers.  Who will take the challenge?


Week 11:             The Student Resume

What is a student resume and what can you do to have an impressive one?  All sophomores are required to complete a student resume for their WBL portfolio. We begin the process today.

Week 12:             The Cover Letter/ Job Application

                                What is a cover letter?  How can you make a good impression on your job application?

Week 13:             The Job Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating.  How can you prepare yourself to answer those tough questions to land your dream job?

Week 14:             The Job Interview Continued

                                Today we practice with mock interviews!

Week 15:             The Elevator Speech

                                Telling your story in 30 seconds or less!

Week 16:             Guest Speaker (TBD)

Week 17:             Guest Speaker (TBD)

Week 18:             WBL Wrap-Up



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