The product will be a physical extension of your research paper, which will allow you to use your creativity and personal interests to learn more about the passion/career you have researched for your paper. For this reason, the product will take on many different forms. It will be important for you to consider the product you would like to create while you are determining the topic for your research paper.

Remember that the Graduation Project should be a stretch and stimulate intellectual growth. This is true for the product you will be developing. When considering the product, think about the resources that you currently have available to you, the resources that are available through your mentor, and contacts you may make in the community to assist you with your product. Below are examples of products other students have completed. Do not use this as a list to stifle your creativity but rather to open your mind to the possibilities awaiting you!

Conduct a beach cleanup including public service announcements and sponsors

Build a life like replica of the human heart based on a functioning transplant model

Conduct a fundraiser for a local charity

Rebuild an engine or restore an antique automobile

Write a script and produce a documentary

Compose a piece of music or write a play to perform


The list could go on and on. Don't limit yourself to the ideas on this list. Think outside the box. The possibilities are endless!!

Graduation Project Review

Parents must sign research issue and product approval forms prior to review by the Review Committee. Their signature will be an indication of parental knowledge and support of the research issue and product. The approved plans will be kept in the portfolio.

Product Log

The Product log will be used to document the time you spend working on your Product. You will be required to spend a minimum of between 15-20 hours on your Product. All the time you spend working on your Product should be documented on the Product log, not just the hours spent working with the mentor. The mentor documents, with signature, the actual time he/she works with you. The time will be periodically verified by your faculty advisor. The activity is a brief description of what you did during the work session. The next step column will specifically list the next activity to be done toward completing your Product and will aid in your planning. You will find the next step column especially helpful when you have lapses of time between your work sessions. The Product log requires your signature.


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